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Pelican ADU Builders is your One Stop Shop – Design + Build a custom ADU.  All of our projects are built with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for innovation. From desgin and permits, to construction, we ensure that your journey to elevate your property is seamless and without surprises.

Want an elegant ADU that seamlessly integrates with your existing home?

  • Concerned about
    maximizing the value of your property?

  • Dreaming of a stress-free experience
    from concept to completion?

  • Looking to create a private
    oasis for guests or family?

  • Overwhelmed by regulations
    and permits for ADU construction?

  • Want to work with a team dedicated
    to bringing your dream ADU to life?

  • How would a reliable income stream from
    your ADU change your financial outlook?

ADU Models

ADU refers to an accessory dwelling unit, also known as in-law suites, casitas, or guest cottages. These are secondary housing structures separate from the primary residence, allowing for independent rental opportunities. Varieties of ADUs include garage, conversion units that are detached or attached to the main hous and conversions of interior space within the main house. ADUs are designed and built in many shapes and sizes, each tailored to fulfill distinct needs.

Rental income

Lease the ADU, or reside in the ADU yourself, while renting out the primary residence.

Funding ease

Leverage your home's equity to construct the ADU, lease it, and generate extra revenue.

Extended family living

Enable relatives to reside in the ADU, maintaining proximity, yet affording them their autonomy.

What makes Pelican ADU Builders different?

We elevate Orange County homes with specilazed ADUs, offering both pre-designed models and custom solutions tailored to individual needs. Our streamlined process, featuring ready-to-go architectural plans, saves time and money, while our finish material packages allow personalization to your taste. Opt for a custom ADU for ultimate flexibility in design and integration with your property, crafted meticulously on-site to ensure compliance with local regulations. Unlike prefab units, our stick-built ADUs adapt to city standards and your unique requirements, delivering luxury, functionality, and a seamless extension of your home.

Effortless ADU construction with Pelican ADU Builders.

Book a free consultation

We will explore your options and find the perfect solution.

Design and preparation

Our design team will complete a site inspection, due diligence, customized architectural plans, and a detailed scope of work with a cost estimate.

Plans submitted for city approval

Our team manages the entire process, including any necessary adjustments to the plans.

Once approved, we start construction

Our licensed contractor gives a final construction quote based on approved plans. Once agreed upon, construction starts.

Completed ADU

Your ADU is now ready for your enjoyment!

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How to get started

If you’re ready to transform your space with a custom ADU, schedule a call using the calendar below. A member of our team will meet with you on Zoom to discuss how our tailored ADU solutions can meet your needs. For any questions or to get started on your project, reach out to us at Let’s bring your dream ADU to life, together.